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Privacy Policy

We define our privacy policy by:

  •  What kind of information we require?
  •  Why we need that information?
  •  How we can use that information?
  •  How we can access the information?
  •  How we can update that information?

Information which is required by us:

  •  Personal: Information which is required to input that is your first name, last name, phone number, email address and the postal address is the basic requirement done during the verification process.
  •  Payment: Our team requires that information of yours to make the transactions easier during the time of taking our services.
  •  Technical: Information such as your device name, model number of the device is required in order to resolve the issue related with any device. The issue can’t be solved unless and until the device information is provided to us.

We appreciate your visit to the website and it is our responsibility to protect your private and personal data. We are committed to give with best services which resolve the QuickBooks issues in quick time. Also, we have the right to change any terms in future and encourage our users to check the terms time to time and go through them before taking our services.