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Refund Policy

We as technical support provider understand the concern of the users using online tech-support services. Therefore, we are transparent with our refund policy so that the customers don’t have any doubt before taking our services:

  •  If any of our customers remain unsatisfied with our services and he/she finds that the issue is not completely resolved then the user is always welcomed to take back the balance for that service. We will be happy to refund back the amount back to the customer.
  •  All the refunds take approximate 15 days to complete after the request comes from the customer.
  •  The refund process will only take place if the user sends the email from the email id which was given to us during taking our services
  •  There will be no charges of call during the process of providing support and resolving all the issues
  •  Due to any reasons if any of our customer is not sure in making payment from card or any online process then he/she is free to discuss it with our team.

NOTE: We have a simple procedure of refund process just by calling us and following the procedure and we will make sure that a fair transaction is refunded to you. We always maintain detailed-records of various transactions done by us.